Since 1975 the Palm Beach Model Railroad Club has maintained a model railroad layout in Heritage Hall, Building 8, Palm Beach County Fairgrounds, West Palm Beach, Florida.  The building is owned by the South Florida Fair Corporation.  The layout is HO scale which is the ratio of one inch equals eighty seven inches, or approximately 1/8 of an inch to a foot of actual size.  There are 25 club members who live from Jupiter to Pompano Beach, Florida.

The club models the area of the United States from Virginia south along the east coast into Florida.  Our time era is from the 1950's through the mid 1980's which allows us to have an occasional “steam night” operating session..  The model railroad is named Southern Consolidated System (SCX). Our mythical history is that the SCX was formed when the parent railroad, South Coast, bought out the Florida Belt and the Columbia Bay and Western railroads.   We provide trackage rights to the Florida East Coast Railway and exchange motive power with the CSX System.  We also have an interchange agreement with the Union Pacific Railroad, (UP) and receive freight over the UP connection from New Orleans.

The club layout is in a nearly constant state of maintenance and improvement and our members perform various tasks such as scenery, electrical wiring, electronics, trackwork, rolling stock and motive power maintenance, operations, painting, lighting and design.  Club members also give lectures and demonstrations to interested community groups that wish to develop an appreciation of our hobby and actual railroads as a vital part of American history.

We meet regularly on Tuesdays and Wednesday at 6:00 pm and other times as needed. The purpose of this Club is to come together as a group to learn from each other and to educate the public about the hobby of model railroading.

The club is open for public viewing during the South Florida Fair and other events and times throughout the year.

Further information can be obtained from our President Paul Mathis